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C4 Eğitim Seminerleri

RAPROMISE C4 Training Activity

C4 training activity took place at University of Stuttgart, Germany between dates 10-14 July 2017. Two persons from Ege University, two persons from Vestel and one person from CMS attended the activity. On the first day of the training event, after a welcome speech of Mehmet Kürümlüoğlu from University of Stuttgart, details of the training plan was introduced. First seminar was given by Mehmet Kürümlüoğlu on “Methods of strategy development”. In the afternoon, Jonathan Masior from University of Stuttgart gave a speech on the topic of “Introduction to PLM strategy”. A practical workshop was also organized enabling the trainees understand the concept with the help of real applications.

Second day of the training started with a seminar by Stephan Schüle from University of Stuttgart on “Process analysis and process optimization”. Two workshops were held as assignments for the trainees. Training continued in the afternoon by Stephan Schüle on topic of “Process Modelling and Visualization”.
On the morning of the third day, a seminar was given by Jonathan Masior on “Strategies of IT data management”. In the afternoon a workshop was held about strategies of IT data management.
On the fourth day, Andreas Eiden from Technische Universitat Kairserslautern introduced ARAS Innovator. The trainees used the program on their personal computers applying the given example.
On the morning of the fifth day, a seminar was given by Jonathan Masior on “Economical analysis of PLM”. In the afternoon a workshop was held including exercises for the economical analysis of PLM. In the end of the training event, certificates were given to the trainees.
The agenda of the C4 training is given as below.